The mission: Tell your target audience who you are and what you do.

I’m the marketing chick. I come equipped with a designer bag full of tricks. There’s Twitter, Facebook, blog posts, email campaigns, partner marketing, affiliate programs, you know the drill. But, there’s alot of noise. If you post a Tweet to 1,000 followers, do they hear it? In my opinion, not so much. So, my mission is less about getting the message out and more about standing out.

I watch my six year old with her friends. They pretty much do everything that the other person is doing, wearing, saying. Their mission? To be the same. Standing out is scary when your six. You could be placed on exile island during recess by the mean girls who are all the same. Most brands act like six year olds. Oh, we can’t say that or someone might be offended. Hm, we can’t show that or we might get sued. Jeez, we can’t suggest that or someone might think we’re not professional or perhaps semi-crazy.

What a load of crap.

Isn’t the whole point to create your differentiator and stand-out? As my friend, Alex Neihaus, so poignantly penned in his blog post yesterday:

In high tech marketing, the “blend” is everything. You gotta have creativity… you gotta have authenticity…and given that small tech startups are either a) a completely new idea and/or b) trying to unseat titans, you gotta have balls to make your point. Big ones.

And my friends at have ‘em. Watch this video. In just 1:02, you get it all in the blend. The beans (what is), the roasting (it’s a social network for currency traders) and the infusion of…well…tush into the blend. If you don’t smile — and then head right over to the site — it’s definitely your problem.

My hat’s off to Dave and Michelle for ignoring all the reasons marketers come up with not to stand out and delivering their message (make more money trading money with a group) with a liberal dose of authenticity and humor.

As you’ll see from my latest “project”, I put the big ones to the wall and admittedly teeter on the edge of controversial, sexist and down-right inappropriate. At the end of the day, producing another campaign or line of copy can only get you so far. I say, take a risk, put it out there, make your mark and have some fun. I sure did. 🙂

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