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THE GREAT EIGHT: Lesson #3 – Decide What You Stand For

Decide What You Stand For

So far in The Great Eight series, we’ve covered about the power of quitting in transforming your life and the importance of building your A Team. Can you guess Lesson Three?

Decisions, decisions…

There are so many things I want to say. How could pick only the top 8 learnings?

For that matter, our brand has so much to say! Our product has so many features! It could help so many people – why not get everyone into the funnel? We need a bigger total addressable market, anyways!

Do you see where I’m going here?

Less is More

Anyone can list out everything that their product or business does. Narrowing that down and really focusing is the holy grail.

And remember: when you’re building a business, what you’re really doing is building a brand.

Lesson #3: Decide What You Stand For

This is non-negotiable – you must decide what you stand for. What you stand for is not for everyone. It’s what makes you unique. Not everyone will agree, but that’s the point.

I see business skip this hard work because, well, it’s hard!

Why It Matters

Defining what you stand for starts with crafting your brand pillars, AKA the core values that drive you every day.

Your brand pillars are not just words on a page. They are the ethos of your business – your heart and soul. They are words you live by, and they are the guardrails for your business. They help you make hiring decisions. They give you purpose to keep your promises. They are the foundation of your brand.

The Bottom Line

Do the hard work to identify the no more than five words that define what you and your brand stand for.

Without pillars to stand on, you have nothing to stand for. And that means you have no way to stand out.

So, stand!

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