The Challenge

Building Ventures

Building Ventures champions disruptive ideas for a better built world.

Successful venture capital firm was ready to spin-out a new brand to focus on the built environment space. With a focus on early-stage companies aimed at revolutionizing how we design, build, operate and experience the built world, the new brand needed to tell the story of a bigger mission and purpose, communicate the evolution from the existing brand and generate awareness to drive new investment. And, to add to the challenge, we had an 8-week launch window. Easy peasy.

Our Approach

We started by mapping out all of the pieces that needed to get done in our tight-timeframe. Here’s what we did:

1. Brand Strategy

  • Researched the competitive landscape
  • Developed personas for key target audiences
  • Defined brand pillars and what they stand for
  • Surface brand whitespace to stand out and differentiate
  • Crafted brand value prop and positioning
  • Wrapped it all up in a bow in a Brand Strategy Guide

2. Storytelling

Put pen to paper to tell their story.

  • Articulated brand voice
  • Wrote a series of stories based on 5-10 portfolio companies
  • Honed-in on why the portfolio companies chose them and surfaced the why
  • Wrote new bios for the partners to tell their stories as innovators and industry experts
  • Created compelling, human messaging and stories for the new website, their newsletter and social media

3. Brand Identity

Created an identity for the new brand including:

  • Tagline
  • Logo
  • Color Palette
  • Fonts
  • Imagery Direction
  • Style Guide

4. Online & Mobile Experience

We then launched a new online and mobile experience to set them apart in their market. We designed and built all of the pieces and launched on-time and on-budget.

5. Press & Social Media Launch

Once we were ready to push the button on the launch, we set our media engine into motion. Our PR expert crafted the strategy, media targets, social communications and all of the pieces for a successful launch. We drafted the release, conducted all of the media outreach, secured the stories and pushed the button on the launch.

The Results

Boston Building Ventures

Stand-out Brand

A stand-out brand for built world investment pioneers

Online Experience

An extensible online and mobile experience that can evolve as they grow

Engaged New Audiences

Compelling portfolio company stories that engaged new audiences

Media Coverage

Top tier media coverage and social media sharing

New Investors

A steady stream of new investors and portfolio companies ready to partner

Client’s Response

Raising a new venture fund is not for the faint of heart. It's even more complex when that fund is born out of an existing brand and now needs its own unique identity, story, experience and momentum. Add in other complexities around what we could say and and when and there were just lots of moving parts to get to the finish line. We knew the right partner would make all the difference on both the strategy and execution and we looked no further than Michelle and the Growth Street team. Michelle is a rare find - a quick-study who knows how to get right to the salient points that will elevate and differentiate. She is a trusted partner who listens, knows when to push back and always thinks ahead to anticipate what might be around the corner. She has a keen understanding of the customer and, because of that, can build stories and experiences that connect and convert. Michelle has built a stellar "A team" and they deliver incredible work collaboratively and efficiently. The Growth Street team led all of the thinking and creativity behind the new Building Ventures brand strategy and design. Everything from crisply telling our story and tying it back to the existing brand in a meaningful way, to our new logo, website, pitch deck, content, you name it, they created it. Once we had the new brand and website launched, Growth Street led our PR and social media launch of the company and then for the fund. There were lots of twists and turns along the way and Michelle and her team were always flexible and knew how to get to results through their media and communications expertise and relationships. In just a short window of time, their work helped us double website traffic and increase awareness and momentum for the Building Ventures mission and brand. As I told Michelle, I knew she and her team would do an incredible job for us and they over-delivered as always. Achieving growth isn't always a straight line up and to the right. Having strategic, flexible, creative and results-focused partners like Growth Street makes all the difference in getting there.

Travis ConnorsCo-Founder & General Partner