Lee Kennedy
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Pivoted a 40 yr old brand.

Closed a market perception gap for a $1B commercial construction business.

40-year old family owned business had a hunch they needed to change in order to accelerate growth but didn’t know what to do, why or how. By interviewing over 40 customers and deep-diving on their competition, Growth Street defined unique market whitespace and led a comprehensive brand pivot to help Lee Kennedy Company connect with new customers and create a new perception in the market.

Pivoted the Lee Kennedy Company brand, resulting in a stand-out market position, decreased churn and attaining an aggressive revenue goal faster than they thought was possible.


“Their approach was unique from the start. They didn't just dive into solutions or come in thinking they had all the answers. They were curious and spent time listening, both to us and to our customers.”

Lee KennedyPresident & CEO

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