The Challenge

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The Lee Kennedy Company is a 40-yr-old commercial construction company.

Forty-year old commercial construction company had grown to an almost $1B business. As ones not to rest on their laurels, they had a hunch that they were missing something in connecting with their market to drive deeper customer relationships and foster new business. They wanted to think differently about what they said and showed the market and needed help figuring out the best path forward.

Our Approach

We took a customer-led approach and started by talking to current, past and future customers across multiple verticals. From there, the insights led our work through a thorough brand strategy, complete rebrand and internal and external launch.

1. Customer Interviews

  • Conducted over 40 customer interviews to surface key issues, ideas and insights
  • Consolidated findings into actionable recommendations to help the business grow
  • Socialized research with management and executive teams

2. Brand Strategy

  • Turned findings from the customer research into the new strategy for the brand
  • Identified brand whitespace to differentiate versus competitors
  • Crafted mission, pillars
  • Created unique positioning, tagline and key messaging
  • Worked through refinements with different levels of management team to gain buy-in and feedback
  • Presented at company offsite and conducted workshop to fuel launch ideas

3. Rebrand

  • Concepted a completely new brand look and feel
  • Worked with the team to test and refine
  • Developed comprehensive Style Guide to direct usage and consistence with outside agencies, vendors and internal staff

4. Launch

  • Led internal and external launches for the new brand
  • Managed project plan and list of activities
  • Directed rollout details with Director of Marketing
  • Launched internally at quarterly staff meeting
  • Launched externally at 40 th anniversary party for 500+ people

The Results

Chao Center

Pivoted Business

Pivoted business toward construction innovation and communicated this new message to the market

Business Growth

Closed the gap between customer perception and reality, enabling new levels of business growth

Company Evolution

Engaged the company at all levels to rally around the evolution of the company and brand

New Story

Launched externally, telling a new story to the market and closing the gaps, differentiating the brand and driving new business growth

Client’s Response

Hitting our 40 year mark was a big milestone for us as company. It was also a time to look ahead and see how we could better understand our customers and our market to really stand out and differentiate. Staying true to who we are at our roots was important, but we also knew we needed to evolve and innovate our story. We brought in the Growth Street team to help us lead this strategic effort. Their approach was unique from the start. They didn't just dive into solutions or come in thinking they had all the answers. They were curious and spent time listening, both to us and to our customers. They started by interviewing customers across a number of different segments, which was a big eye-opener to all of us. They turned what they learned into strategy, evolving the Lee Kennedy brand in a real and authentic way, and they showed us the possibilities of telling a new story, showing our market something different and positioning ourselves for even greater success. Michelle and her team then turned that evolved brand strategy into stellar creative strategy and execution and our new brand look and feel was born. With their guidance, we decided as a team to make the bold move to rebrand the company and show the market that something was different, in a positive, connected way. They worked hand-in-hand with our marketing team at every step of the way, gained buy-in from the right people at the right time across the organization and successfully planned and executed both the internal and external launches of the new brand with our team. Finding partners in growth is a gift to any business. Michelle and her team are exceptional partners and I look forward to working with them as we continue to grow the Lee Kennedy brand.

Lee KennedyPresident & CEO