The Challenge

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Moltin is reinventing commerce – a tech API for retail businesses.

Innovative retail commerce technology company needed help defining and executing a scalable customer acquisition model to grow the funnel. They had a gap in Marketing leadership, leaving the team craving direction, motivation and prioritization, while, at the same time, Sales was chomping at the bit for more volume. The business had an audacious bookings goal and needed to jump-start team, fill the gaps and build a repeatable acquisition model.

Our Approach

We defined and implemented a two-pronged approach:

1. Day-to-day Leadership & Management

  • Fill the CMO gap
  • Prioritize and optimize marketing output
  • Lead the team and be the strategic brand vision
  • Accelerate results in market and thru sales
  • Act as coach and mentor to grow the team

2. Leadership and Execution of Key Strategic Programs

  • Brand Repositioning
  • Demand Gen Program Build-Out
  • Content Strategy & Execution

The Results

Refined Messaging

Focus on 2 specific target audiences drove redefined brand messaging that more clearly
resonated, driving higher intent and conversions.

Marketing Success

Dug deep into how to showcase the product in action, which turned into a wildly
successful account-based marketing campaign

Drove Awareness

Executed a break-out exhibitor display at one of the biggest retail shows in the US,
driving awareness and leads.

Energized Team

Motivated and energized the team, getting more out of them and delivering more
impactful results.

10X Increase

Built a demand gen engine, increasing MQLS by 10x and driving new pipeline.

Successful Placement

Day-to-day blocking and tackling set-up the new VP of Marketing for success.

Client’s Response

One of the biggest challenges that comes with transitioning into a new C-level role is jumping right in to add immediate value, especially when there's been a gap in leadership. I recently took the helm as the VP of Marketing at Moltin. Prior to me coming onboard, we brought in Growth Street to fill the gap, giving the team time to find the right person and providing leadership for an international marketing team. In 90 days, Michelle and her team jump-started Moltin's marketing efforts, refined the brand position, defined and prioritized a roadmap, created a demand gen machine, launched a top-tier trade show, built lead-gen programs with the sales team and led all of the tactical execution, along with the existing marketing team. Their ability to be both strategic and roll-up-their-sleeves was instrumental in the progress that the team was able to make in just a few months. In addition to the work delivery, Michelle led the day-to-day leadership as the interim CMO. She provided mentoring, feedback, prioritization and motivation, connecting with each member of the marketing team and delivering big value. The team responded by stepping up their games and, when I came onboard, the machine was running, the team was energized and high-performing and I was able to focus on the bigger picture knowing that there was a finely-tuned cadence to the marketing activities. Michelle and her team dove in to quickly add incredible value and gave me a smooth landing, making my contributions that much more impactful right out of the gate. I was impressed by the value of the interim model and look forward to working with the Growth Street team again in the future.

Greg LordVP of Marketing