Quitting is for Quitters

Being an entrepreneur is hard work. You have an idea, hang a shingle, work hard, work even harder and can sometimes get to the point where you want to quit. I’ve had these moments and they rattle my cage. I start to question myself, my ideas, my worth – this is a very dangerous slippery slope into a sea of negativity. This is no good for you and even worse for your team.

This morning, I woke up to another one of Seth Godin’s pithy blog posts. I wanted to share it with you because his last line is what it’s all about “We always have a choice, but often, it’s a good idea to act as if we don’t.”

Now, I know there are times when you need to pack up and get out. I have done this in my personal and professional lives and sometimes it is 100% necessary. But, when you believe in and and are passionate about something or someone, don’t quit. Find a way to make it work – for me this usually means challenging myself to think differently, learn something new and try something new. Change is hard but quitting sucks even more.

Look at ways to change yourself, your approach, your outlook and you will begin to change your outcome.

Seth Godin No way out

“That’s why we burn the boats when we land on the beach.

Because the only way out is through.

It’s pretty easy to bail out of a course (especially a free online course that no one even knows you signed up for). Easy to quit your job, fire a client or give up on a relationship.

In the moment, walking out is precisely the best short-term strategy. Sometimes this place is too hard, too unpleasant, too much…

The thing is, though, that the long-term strategy might be the opposite. The best long-term approach might be to learn something, to tough it out, to engage with the challenge. Because once you get through this, you’ll be different. Better.

We always have a choice, but often, it’s a good idea to act as if we don’t.”

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