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Build Your A Team

It’s time for the Great Eight Lesson #2: Build your A Team.

Regardless of your industry, what you sell, how much money you have, whether you’re a solo entrepreneur or building an empire, there’s one thing and one thing only that is the linchpin to your success. And that’s your team.

Learning How to Lead

As I climbed the ranks in corporate America, I learned how to lead. My first leadership role was a major challenge – I was promoted to lead a team. Companies don’t teach you how to lead and I didn’t know the first thing about any of it, especially hiring. I had the wrong people for the mission, I had never fired someone before, and I had no clue what I was doing. Perfect, right?

When I went to my boss for help, they said: “Look for passion and potential.” Best. Advice. Ever.

No “I” in Team

If you’re not ready to hire a team yet, you still need your “A Team.” Think of this group as your board of advisors – the people who will support you when you need it and tell you like it is when you really need it. I see myself as a member of the A Team for a number of the amazing entrepreneurs I coach and support. Plus, our A Team at Growth Street is the best of the best.

The Bottom Line

As your building your business, you need to:

✅ Be a “people-first” leader
✅ Look for passion and potential
✅ Course-correct/provide feedback in the moment
✅ Fire fast (don’t let the wrong people linger)
✅ Build a diverse team

Giddy up!

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