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Giddy Up!

Something I often hear from clients? “The problem with strategy is that it takes too long.” And they’re right.

I spent decades running Marketing for Fortune 500 brands, and strategy always took way too long. The go-to process went something like this: engage a big consulting firm or agency, spend way too much money (millions!), wait a long time, get bloated methodologies & recycled ideas, and repeat. Sound familiar?

When I jumped off the gravy train and into the start-up world, it was a culture shock. Paying for pizzas on Fridays was painful, never mind spending budget on outside strategy and perspective. As the CMO, I had to figure it out on my own. I wanted a nimble strategic partner but nothing that fit my needs existed.

Lesson #8: GIDDY UP!

That brings us to our final lesson in the GREAT EIGHT series –  GIDDY UP!

Once I figured out that there wasn’t a way to fit my needs, I founded Growth Street. My main goal was to bring the Giddy Up! I stripped out the B-team, the bloat, and the lengthy cycles to make way for the voice of the customer, the A Team and efficient results.

Growth Street gives CEOs an impactful, non-agency alternative to the existing mold. We partner with CMOs to be their trusted advisors and team members. And, of course, we provide outstanding, efficient, grade-A brand strategy work!

GIDDY UP drives me every day to bring 100% for my clients. PS – Do you know the Seinfeld reference (hint: think Kramer)?

Your business deserves a great strategy and it deserves efficiency. There shouldn’t be a need to compromise. You deserve the GIDDY UP!

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