Why Us?

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Trusted Growth Partner

Growth Street is everything we wanted as in-house executives: trusted partners who could get in-the-trenches with us to help us grow our businesses. We are 100% focused on growth and always bring our hands-on expertise to the table. We're proud to be on the speed dial of some of the world's most successful executives.

Always the A Team

Our A Team of hands-on experts is 100% focused on business growth. Whether you’re trying to grow revenue, market share, cash flow, profitability or just about anything else, we’re all-in. We roll-up-our-sleeves with you. Always outstanding people delivering outstanding results.

Be Unrivaled™ Framework

By tapping into what makes your business different, our Be Unrivaled™ framework creates internal and external clarity, alignment and efficiency. Together, we create the unique value proposition and ownable whitespace that give you the unmatched competitive advantage. Thrive in a league of your own.

Non-Agency Model

Proudly, non-agency since 2013. No overpriced, recycled strategies. No bait and switch. No benches or B Team. No all talk no action. Just incredibly efficient, talented and trusted growth partners ready to dig in and drive business growth, together.

No B.S.


Giddy up!

Speed is a big-time competitive advantage. We help you grow more efficiently by clearly defining what makes your business different. Get in the fast lane to efficient business growth. Giddy up!

About Us

Michelle Heath
Founder & CEO
Founded Growth Street in 2013 to give businesses a non-agency way to grow.
Grow differently.™
What does it mean to grow differently?
Growth Street empowers your business to grow differently. Together, we work through tough problems to get to the tangible answers. You always get the A Team of industry-agnostic experts ready to bring new ideas and perspectives to your business. Our GrowDifferently™ Method aligns your business, customers and market, delivering a differentiated growth strategy, fast. With built in flexibility and proven results, our proven method gets you where you want to go. Giddy up!
We do strategy differently. Our founder & CEO, Michelle Heath believe strategy should always be tangible and efficient. As an in-house executive she struggled to find a strategic thinking partner to turn to when she needed help. So she built what she wanted as business leader!
Michelle and her A Team have been under the hoods of hundreds of businesses and know, first-hand, what makes businesses successful. Growth is a windey road and having the right thinking partner makes all the difference. Sometimes you just need to talk thru your ideas and problem-solve or brainstorm solutions. We are proud to be on the speed dial of some of the world’s most successful executives. Our clients call us in when they need expert advice and thinking power to solve a business challenge. Together, we quickly get you on your way to the most successful outcomes for your business.
Founded in 2013 by Michelle Heath, accomplished entrepreneurial leader and business strategy linchpin, Growth Street empowers businesses to grow differently. Michelle created Growth Street to give business leaders the trusted partnership, fresh perspective and quick thinking she wanted as an in-house executive for Fortune 500 brands including Fidelity Investments, J.P. Morgan, Manulife Financial and E*TRADE Financial. Growth Street delivers a non-agency model that gives every client unmatched flexibility and expertise. You always get the A Team, a diverse group of the best industry experts hand-picked for their strategic thinking, agile doing and impressive results. We are ready to serve your business the giddy up you need to solve tough problems and get where you want to go.
Diversity, equity and inclusion are fundamental pillars here at Growth Street. The principles are baked into our promise to our team, clients and community and are dear to our founder’s heart. Michelle Heath spent decades rising through the ranks as one of very few women executives and pushed through the glass ceiling, before stepping off to found her own business and pioneer a new way to help businesses grow. Growth Street is currently in process to obtain WBENC certification as a women-owned business enterprise.

Ready to grow differently? Giddy up!



Together, we take the road less traveled.



No B.S. Ever.


We challenge each other to go beyond status quo thinking and doing. We walk the talk, not afraid to live outside the comfort zone. 


We move fast. No time for over-processed thinking or doing. We ship-it and keep moving forward. Speed is a competitive advantage. Our motto: Giddy up!


We thrive by including different voices, perspectives and experiences, always looking for collaborative ways to get better together.  


We roll-up our sleeves and push the bar higher every day. Consistently delivering exceptional results puts us in a league of our own. We love living life in the whitespace. Giddy up!


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