Why Us?

Glad you Asked.


Powerful BrandLed™ approach

Growth Street is the pioneer of BrandLed™, a powerful and nimble approach that delivers unstoppable competitive advantage by leading with brand. Together, we unlock the customer mindset, establish unrivaled market leadership and create the tailwind for success.

Always the A Team

Our model brings the best people to the table at the right time. Thank you next to paying for people sitting on the bench. You benefit from consistently outstanding results delivered by our A Team of consistently outstanding people. You always get the outside perspective, genuine curiosity and stellar results you need to win with brand.

Giddy up

Moving quickly is a big-time competitive advantage. We don’t like wasting time or money. We make strategy nimble and easy to translate into execution. We skip the over-priced, bloated and recycled strategies and deliver the power to connect to your customers by leading with brand. We blend curiosity, creativity and collaboration to deliver strategic thinking and roll-up your sleeves doing. Giddy up!

Non-agency model

No politics, pandering or over-processed approaches. We skip the over-priced junior jets, fancy overhead and foosball tables because we don't want you to pay for that either. We are your trusted partner, ready to roll up our sleeves, solve problems and uncover opportunities - together.

No B.S.


About Us

Michelle Heath
Founder & CEO
Founded Growth Street in 2013 to give businesses a non-agency way to grow.
Growth Street is the growth strategy consulting firm that gives businesses the thinking power to grow differently.
Founded in 2013 by Michelle Heath, accomplished entrepreneurial leader and business strategy linchpin, Growth Street delivers a nimble, efficient way for businesses to innovate, evolve and transform. As founder and CEO, Michelle created Growth Street to pioneer a new, non-agency model that delivers strategic work that translates into practical execution. Growth Street clients benefit from always getting the A Team, a diverse group of the best industry experts hand-picked for their strategic thinking, agile doing and impressive results. Innovating brands, closing gaps, and creating new business value is the Growth Street way.
Diversity, equity and inclusion are fundamental pillars at Growth Street. The principles are baked into our promise to our team, clients and community and are dear to our founder’s heart. Michelle Heath spent decades rising through the ranks as one of very few women executives and pushed through the glass ceiling, before stepping off to found her own business and pioneer a new way for people to work. Growth Street is currently in process to obtain WBENC certification as a women-owned business enterprise.

When you’re ready to grow differently, we’re ready to giddy up!



We are unconventional. To us, walking the talk means challenging the status quo and leading by example. We bring fresh perspectives, insights and actions to the table, ready to empower change. We live outside the comfort zone.


We are light on our feet, ready to pivot and move fast. We’re constantly evolving our approaches and processes to deliver more value. Agility and speed are competitive advantages. We say: Giddy up!


No B.S. Ever.


Mutual respect guides us and the diversity of people, perspectives and experiences is what makes us better together. We challenge stereotypes and put equality into practice every day. Owning our words and actions keeps us accountable and we lead with honesty and integrity. 


Curiosity fuels us. The power of our collective thinking opens the door to unique approaches and ideas. Our minds and hearts are open – constantly listening for the ideas, perspectives and knowledge that fuel smart decisions. We embrace change together – always invested in the win-win.



Our bar is high and we push it higher every day. We’ve been in the trenches and know what it takes to be constantly innovating and transforming. Consistently delivering exceptional results puts us in a league of our own. 


Get the know-how to grow.

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