Our Story

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.
– Robert Frost

When you want to increase revenue, decrease churn, lower acquisition costs or meet some other aggressive growth goal, customer-obsession is the answer. Our workshops, sprints and fractional engagements obsess over your ideal customer and engineer powerful new ways to grow trust to grow revenue. Giddy up!

Growth Street was born out of decades as business leaders and operators for Fortune 500 and start-up companies. As a successful in-house CMO, our founder Michelle Heath, experienced a myriad of growth challenges first-hand. It wasn’t easy to find a strategic partner who could quickly jump in, create business value and grow revenue. As she reached out to her network for help, she discovered other business leaders shared the same problem and the traditional agency, consulting and freelance options weren’t set up to solve it. Seeing the opportunity, Michelle founded Growth Street and launched the fractional growth leadership category. 

Our clients love the flexibility of working with us. We flex as needs change (which they always do!)  and our A Team of fractional experts is road-tested and ready to jump in. We’re proud of our exceptional work with our incredible clients across crowded, complex markets – we love rolling-up our sleeves, together!

Oh, and one last thing, you’ll hear us say Giddy up!  For all of the Seinfeld fans out there, yes, we’ve got a bit of Kramer in us! That feeling of being super excited about something and ready to go. It inspires our unique blend of flexibility, excellence and speed to drive unstoppable business growth. So let’s…Giddy up!

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Our vision is a world where every business dares to be different.


We are on a mission to drive unrivaled business growth.

Core Values

The ethos that shapes everything we do.

The Growth Street Difference


Trusted Growth Partner

Creating clarity together.

“Growth Street is my go-to partner. I have them on speed dial! When I need help thinking through a problem or challenge, I can count on them to roll up their sleeves and dig-in with me.” – Executive of Fortune500 biotech company


Flexible Approach

We adapt as your business is changing.

“I couldn’t believe how flexible the team was as our priorities were changing. I’ve never experienced that with a strategic partner before. Their ability to dial it up when we needed more made my life so much easier!” – CMO of PE-backed SaaS tech company


Customer Obsessed

We help you see your customer like never before.

“Growth Street’s customer-first mindset turned over every rock to clearly articulate the customer’s pain. Their patience, creativity and ingenuity guided us to tear apart the complexity of what we do and make strategic decisions that ultimately led to a unique market position, a strong value proposition and messaging we were able to put to work immediately. We solved a major go-to-market challenge thanks to the Growth Street team!” – CEO of seed-stage cybersecurity start-up  


Always the A Team

The right people doing the right work at the right time.

“It always impresses me that after each session, we walk away with the answer and just as importantly, a working document with a tangible list of tasks. Very few consultants, small or large, are able to accomplish both. They are true pros.” – CEO of luxury transportation and security company


Measurable Results

Together, we drive unstoppable business growth.

“I knew that a cookie-cutter approach would never cut it when trying to stand-out in a very crowded market. Their process created the strategic foundation we needed to build momentum and achieve $100M in new AUM in just under a year.” – President of financial services technology company


Giddy up!

Sharing our unique blend of flexibility, excellence and speed to deliver results.

“With Growth Street’s help, we are playing the long game, yet gained the competitive advantage in a noisy, crowded market faster than I thought was possible.” – Executive of PE-backed healthcare tech company

Always the A Team – The Ultimate Fractional Flexibility

No bench. No B Team. Always the A Team – our non-agency model that brings in vetted, fractional professionals when you need them. We right-size each engagement and our clients love the ability to flex up and down as their needs change. Every A Teamer is exceptional and jumps in to add measurable value, fast. 

Risa Kent
Risa Kent
Fractional Illustrator + Graphic Designer