Why Us?

Glad you Asked.


Powerful brand-led approach

Our proven process is the key to unlocking the customer mindset and breaking-through to what's next. Our clients benefit from increased go-to-market efficiency, effectiveness and results. The answer is brand.

Always the A-Team

Experience is the difference. You always get the best of the best - ready to bring outside perspective, genuine curiosity and a proven track record of stellar results. We're ready when you're ready.

Efficient, effective work

Connecting your brand with your market is what we do better than anyone else. We blend curiosity, creativity and collaboration to deliver strategic thinking and roll-up your sleeves doing. We bring the giddy up that moves the needle.

Non-agency model

We treats clients as long-term partners. It's a trust fall and we know how to navigate the windy road - together. No over-priced junior jets, fancy overhead or foosball tables because we don't want you to pay for that either.

No B.S.


About Us

Michelle Heath
Founder & CEO
Founded Growth Street in 2013 to give businesses a non-agency way to grow.

About Growth Street
When businesses need genuinely curious thinking and unique expertise to breakthrough to what’s next, they turn to Growth Street. Pioneering a more impactful model since 2013, Growth Street is the growth strategy consulting firm that creates the tailwind for success. By delivering a powerful, brand-led approach, we unlock the customer mindset to surface relevant brand strategies and experiences that increase go-to-market efficiency, effectiveness and results. When you’re ready for a new way to create unstoppable business growth, it’s time to get Growth Street. Giddy up!



We thrive off big meaty challenges. Our quest to learn and grow is genuine and fuels us to ask the right questions, turn over the rocks and shine a light on problems and opportunities. We don’t have all the answers, instead, we get to the best solutions together. 


We get to the good stuff fast. Mincing words and fluffing egos is not how we roll. We tell it like it is, fostering trust, transparency and collaboration. There are no layers, bureaucracy or B.S. Ever.


We bring fresh perspective to the table. We’re never cookie-cutter, instead, we’re always looking for new ideas that move the needle. We always push the envelope, thinking of clever ways to crack the nut.  We challenge convention to unlock new ideas and drive unstoppable business growth.


Our bar is exceptionally high. Our A Team is 100% focused on creating and delivering the break-through thinking and stellar execution you need to build greater business value. We embrace diversity of people, perspectives and ideas to make a bigger impact.


We are constantly on our toes, ready to pivot and adapt. Our iterative approach is efficient, which enables us to be creative, resourceful and ready to get you where you need to go. Giddy up.


Get the know-how to grow.

Our learnings, tips and ideas to fuel new growth.

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