Our clients often ask us for help thinking about how to get to the next level of growth — especially how to reach their target audience or breakthrough a crowded market. 

Where we start is always by digging deep into the customer’s mindset. In order to effectively and efficiently connect with your customer, your brand must have a strong UVP. 


“100% of go-to-market strategies fail without a customer-focused unique value proposition.”


In our Fractional CMO and growth strategy work, we tackle this foundational problem and help our clients find the solution. 

The CEO and C-Suite often think the UVP is “just a marketing tactic.” Let’s set the record straight. Your UVP is the strategic foundation for your entire go-to-market messaging strategy. Without it, you’ll waste time and money stabbing at words and ideas with zero results. 

So, how do you create your brand’s unique value proposition? 




  1. Understand the customer’s pain at an intimate level. Our iterative process starts with the customer first. We go super deep on the ideal customer profile and really understand the customer’s pain. What problems are they trying to solve? What are the obstacles they need to overcome? How can you make them the hero?  Next, you’ll want to tie together the threads of “What is the problem that we solve for our customers?” “Why do they need our product so badly?” and “What does that opportunity look like for us?” 


  1. Analyzing the competition and what they’re saying. Identify the top 5 direct competitors + any indirect competitors that could be a threat in your market. Conduct a competitive SWOT – but do it from a market position standpoint. Look at 
  • How do they state their unique value proposition?
  • Which customers are they trying to attract?
  • What is their brand positioning?
  • How do they describe their value in press releases vs. their website?

Lay it all out and you’ll start to see whitespace emerge – the intersection of the unmet need of your target audience and your unique value (aka what you do better and differently than everyone else).


  1. Defining your unique value. Time for some more tough questions. 
  • What pain do we solve for our customers?
  • What does our brand do better than everyone else? 
  • What does our product or service offering do better than everyone else?



Figure out the overlap between: 

  • what your brand  does better than everyone else
  • the problem/ customer pain you solve 

That’s where you have what we call brand whitespace – your unique value proposition lives here!

Unique value proposition


It’s not always easy to define your UVP and the journey isn’t always a straight line. But once you get there, you can unlock incredible growth by developing a razor-sharp and crystal-clear definition of what makes your brand different.


Giddy up!


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