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Mic Drop Moment: Brand is Your Foundation

This week at Growth Street, the A Team had a mic drop moment. You know — it’s that moment when you know that you need to drop a gem on your client.

The problem is recurring, and the solution is so obvious. But time after time, the client just can’t see the light.

The Problem …

Here’s the situation.

A client needs a website, but they don’t yet know what they’re going to say. When this happens, the client has two options:

  1. Build a website by guessing at what to say.
  2. Build a brand so they have something differentiated, meaningful, and connected to say.

You guessed it — the client picks option 1.

What follows is a giant wasting of resources, time, and money throwing spaghetti against the wall hoping that it sticks.

It’s a tale as old as time. The client wants to get from $20M in sales to $80M in sales, fast. Or, they want to look polished for the big press announcement coming up. Maybe they want customers to sign up for demos by the end of the month.

Basically, they want to take shortcuts to get results fast.

… And The Solution

Think of your website as your house. Would you build your house without building a foundation first? It costs money to build the foundation. But it’s non-negotiable. It’s cheaper in the long-run than tearing down the house and building it again and again.

Brand is the foundation — and the long game. It creates the tailwind. Tailwind is efficiency. Brand is efficiency.

Why isn’t this obvious?

The Bottom Line

Our bottom line mic drop gems?

You need to know your customers’ words. Don’t look for cheap, quick fixes — play the long game. Throwing spaghetti at the wall without building a strong foundation with brand will turn out to be a waste of money every time. Instead, get the tailwind by leading with brand.


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