Culture club: 10 criteria for deciding where to work

You get to a point in your life where what you do is more than a job. More than a slog. More than just a paycheck. For most of us, it’s where we spend 80% of our time. Away from important people like kids and significant others and makes it all the more important that you love where you work. As I consider the next chapter of my career, I have come to realize how important the “fluffy” stuff is. Things like company culture, mission, challenging and interesting work, high energy, team spirit and fun people are way higher on my list than ever before.

Last night, I was doing some work and my nine-year old daughter was over my shoulder. I told her what I was doing and she asked how I decide where I want to work. I turned the question around and asked her to tell me how she would decide where she would want to work. Here’s what she said. In her words. Totally awesome.

1. Good people: You should only work with good people who are good in the world and they should be nice to you.

2. People who value your ideas: You know, people who listen to you and respect what you say and don’t interrupt you all the time. Oh and people who know you are smart and think that you can help them.

3. A good idea: The company should want to do good things for the world so there should be kind of like a big idea or something!

4. Challenging work: Maybe you come home and feel like your brain is tired, but as long as you learned new things then it’s okay.

5. A step up: I think it’s important for the new job to be a step-up, like you don’t know it all but you are going to try and do your best and ask lots of questions. Maybe you feel nervous but that’s okay because they like you and know you are going to do a good job.

6. Candy in the kitchen: Duh.

7. Kid-friendly: It should be a place where kids can come and run around and write on the whiteboards and remind people to have fun.

8. Throw great parties: The company should have awesome parties for the kids where we can all get dressed up and have candy (see #6.) and maybe a few times have cocktails for the adults and maybe some fashion models or something (smart kid.)

9. Gives you money to travel: You should make enough money so that you can travel the world and maybe go live in Paris or maybe New York City. Or maybe go to the Grammys and have a maid.

10. Makes you feel happy: I think the best part is that the company makes you smile a lot. You work all the time so you should laugh a lot and smile because you really like your job and the people make you happy and you love what you do.

Well, there you have it. I am lucky to have a great coach. Excited for what’s next. 🙂

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