I watched an episode of “Modern Family” a few months ago and heard a line that I loved. First off, how can you not love Sofia Vergara? Sexiest woman alive IMHO. In addition to her physical assets, her personality on the show is spectacular. She said on one episode: “Listen to me, I have all the answers.” I was watching this episode with a friend who said, “Holy crap, that’s you!”

Courtesy of Richard Rantz

There are times when I feel like I have all the answers but no one is listening. It’s frustrating and makes me mental but that is life when you have lots of ideas and opinions – not everyone can absorb what’s coming out of your mouth. They are not always the best answers or ideas or pieces of guidance or advice but I think they are pretty good.

While I may have lots of answers I am the first to admit I don’t have ALL the answers and continue to realize how completely annoying these people are. You know them…

             The Know-It-Alls.

Traits of a Know-It-All:

– Talks incessantly without breathing

– Unable to consider or hear other opinions

– Completely unable to listen to critique about why ideas might have flaws

– Blinders to any ideas that might be better or similar (aka ‘there is no competition in this market’)

– Continuously looking for validation on why ideas are killer even when they’re not

– First to squash an idea that is not his/hers

– Frequently craps on work that others do because it’s not how he/she would have done it

The worst part about these people is that they appear to want your help – ideas, brainstorming, collaboration – but they really just want you to agree with them and validate their opinion of themselves: that they are always right and know exactly what the customer wants and what needs to be done. Silly me, thinking I might actually add value.

Sometimes you need to check yourself at the door. I know you’re smart and accomplished and creative and all that stuff. Just imagine how much bigger, better and more exciting your ideas could be if you actually…listened. Aka: considered other opinions, opened your mind to trying new ways of doing things, appreciated other peoples’ intelligence and could actually admit you don’t have all the answers. There is a fine line between ignorance and wisdom. Admitting you know nothing and being open to learning from others is a huge step toward the wisdom of knowing that you don’t know it all. It’s humbling and you will soon discover you are way smarter because of the creativity, counsel, perspective and ideas of other smart people. Try it, I bet you’ll like it. And, as an added benefit, other people might just like you better too.

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