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Debunking Buyer Assumptions: Customer Perspective is Reality

Without perspective, we only see things one way – our way. When we come in to help our clients solve a growth problem, we often see a perception problem. We hear things like: “I know our target customer because I was our target customer.” or “I know what our target customer likes because we are the same demographic.” or “Dave in Product was our target customer so he knows what they want.”

All of those inputs are valid perceptions of who the target customer might be or what they might need and want.


❌ Perception is often biased.
❌ We put our own thoughts and experiences in the mix.
❌ Reality gets clouded by what we think.

Without perspective, our perceptions can lead us down a path of assumptions-
🤦‍♀️We think we are them
🤦‍♀️We think we know them
🤦‍♀️We think we think like them

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When clients bring us in for perspective, we start by talking to different types of customers – target customers, existing customers, past customers. And, in some cases, we talk to the customers of tomorrow – to help the company either go after a completely different target market or to get much further ahead in understanding the innovations that will keep and attract a more future-forward customer.

Talking to your customers turns subjective thinking into objective knowing.

Together, we debunk assumptions and surface reality –
🎯 To get into the ideal customer’s head
🎯 To unlock their mindset and motivators
🎯 To find new ways to reach them and hit the bullseye

Perspective is the way to win. It creates new information and ideas.

We ask questions that open our minds to the customer’s perspective:
✅ What is our target customer’s life like?
✅ What do they feel right now?
✅ What do they need to be successful?
✅ How do they make buying decisions?
✅ Why do they choose you (or not)?
✅ Who do they trust for information?
And more.

The right people at the table shifts the conversation from what we think -> to -> what we know.

The buyer’s journey is a windey road. Efficient go-to-markets are based on the buyer’s reality!

How do you get into your ideal customer’s mindset?
When have your perceptions clouded reality?

If you want to get into your customers’ heads, get in touch.


Photo by Anika Huizinga

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