New Year New Focus: Why your business needs a 2024 word of the year

Words hold power – they are a choice.

At an early age we are told: Use your words! We blurt them out fast and furious.

As we evolve, we learn to carefully choose our words.

In business and in life, words have purpose. They differentiate and make us feel something!

As you start this amazing new year, we invite you to join us in picking a 2024 word of the year for your business.

Choose a differentiated word that
✅ Guides action
✅ Creates focus
✅ Unifies effort
✅ Empowers growth
✅ Evokes feeling

Instead of a laundry list of things to hope you’ll achieve, one unique word says it all!

Our 2024 word is: Fearless

Instead of worrying about what we can’t control,
Or what other people think
Or ruminating the what ifs
Or second-guessing
Or holding back…

Less fear -> more fearless!👏🏼

This word choice is a great exercise to do with your team. It’s a way to understand peoples’ deeper motivations and goals. It gives people permission to share, be vulnerable, be curious, learn, focus and grow – together. Surround yourself with people who bring your word of the year to life!

Have you picked a word for 2024?
Share it with us!👇🏼

And as always…
It’s going to be a FEARLESS year!

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