TaskRabbit is My New Mini-Me

Ever have those moments where you need a mini-me? Not necessarily the little guy in the grey suit…but kind of. Someone who could finally get that project done around your house, or go pick up your prescription or fetch your dry cleaning? Well, I finally broke down and decided to pay someone to run an errand for me. And, I enjoyed every moment of it.

I remembered meeting Leah Busque, founder of RunMyErrands, a while back at a TweetUp and went their website, which is now TaskRabbit. So, I tweeted for some recommendations on cheap, good errand-running services because I hadn’t used one before. Several people recommended TaskRabbit so I decided to give it a whirl. TaskRabbit’s website was super easy to use and worked great from my iPhone (there was an app for that but the web interface was so easy I didn’t realize it till after!) Simply put in the task, name your price and off you go. My task was published to the TaskRabbit runners and within about 5 minutes, Joe was ready to fulfill my task and named a price lower than my price ceiling, which was great. He sent me an email, I gave him the details and 45 minutes later, my task was done. The best $22 I ever spent!

Come to find out the runners have all been background-checked by TaskRabbit and will do pretty much everything from mow your lawn to pack your house to pick up a dog and deliver it to you (true story). Until I have my own little guy in a grey suit, TaskRabbit will fit the bill. Highly recommend.

Tags: errands, taskrabbit, timesavers, UX
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