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Getting Unstuck: Office Hours Stories

What are you rethinking?

Rethinking used to be a bad word, especially in start-up life. It meant you were over-thinking or not moving fast enough. Now, rethinking your strategy is an imperative.

As a fractional CMO, I help our clients think differently every day. For some it’s a full pivot, for others a shift – either way, it requires a new way to crack the nut. In March, we launched Growth Street Office Hours. I was so compelled to support people and businesses survive and thrive, that I set aside time each week as my way of giving back.

With about 20 Office Hours sessions under my belt, I’ve found that the central theme is all about getting unstuck. As an executive, being stuck is frustrating and can feel hopeless. Some executives decide to bury their heads in the sand. The smart ones invite collaboration and think outside their comfort zones to generate new ideas and accelerate growth.


I thought I would share a few stories about how people and businesses are trying to get unstuck:

  • Healthcare AI technology platform: Rolled up my sleeves with the President/COO to rethink their GTM strategy to optimize sales & marketing efforts.
  • B2B subscription service: Offered CEO & Chief Revenue Officer advice to restructure the marketing team to accelerate results.
  • Financial services consulting firm: Discussed marketing strategy and prioritized pivot to digital.
  • Commerce recommendation platform: Brainstormed with CEO & Director of Marketing to focus their target audience and generate new pipeline.
  • Job-seeker: Offered advice to a recent grad who got laid off by providing encouragement and direction to get clear on her value and positioning as she starts her search. (BTW, this woman sent out 25+ emails asking people in the industry for some help. I was the only one who responded. We can do better than that, right friends?).
  • New tech consulting practice: Acted as a sounding board for the founder by offering a second set of eyes on his positioning and website messaging.
  • Fitness start-up: Provided strategic brand direction for a new founder submitting for PillarVC Breakout.

If you could use some advice about anything from your strategy, brand, go-to-market, staffing model, anything at all, book an hour. It has been incredible to share my time and give businesses new ways to surface ideas and think differently.

With all the doom and gloom in our world, I’m focusing on innovation, optimism and paying it forward. We’ve always been in it together, we’re just realizing it now, more than ever.


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