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Perfecting the Pitch: How to Make your Investor Pitch Deck Not Stink

If I asked you to borrow $1,000, would you just give it to me?

  • Would you want to know why?
  • Would you give it to me if I bumbled through my answer and couldn’t really get to the point?
  • Would you give it to me if I couldn’t connect you to why?

Your investor pitch is no different.

In my work as Fractional CMO, I review, rewrite, redesign and produce pitch decks. 100% of the pitch decks I review stink and here’s why.

First, watch this:


❌ Start with what and how, not why

❌ Lack of story that sets the context and builds a narrative

❌ Missing emotion, passion and pain

❌ Information and data overload

❌ Written from founder’s perspective, not investor’s perspective



Connect investors to your why: What’s your hexapod robot? It’s personal  – show them, tell them, make them believers off the bat. Why is at the heart of your mission so start by helping them see it, feel it, believe it.

Tell a story starting with the problem you solve: The power of the pitch is in the narrative. Lead them to the opportunity by starting with the problem and why only you can solve it.

Channel the investor’s mindset: Consider the fact that investors see and hear hundreds of pitches a week. Are you going to subject them to another boring death-by-powerpoint session? Have some fun. Be yourself. Help them connect with you and your business. Get them to the good stuff fast. Show vs. tell – use video to change it up. Be ready for Q&A.

Be ruthless about what content lives in the main deck and what goes to appendix: Too many notes! Less is more – you can put all the supporting context and data in the appendix for the Q&A.

Use data to make an impact: I love how Jack used the dashboard data as his “ah-ha moment.” Think about where data can support your story and drive home important points. Avoid data overload – save it for the appendix.

Know when to ask for help: Sometimes you need to get out of your own head and get some outside perspective to tell your story in an elevated, connected way. That’s where we come in. Nailing the pitch creates efficiencies for your marketing messaging, website and other activities.


Giddy up!



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