So, if you know me, you probably know I’m not the biggest sports fan. Yeah, I know enough to chat it up. Maybe even dazzle you with a few technical terms or players names. But, I am not the girl who knows the starting line-up, every guy, who’s injured, who is throwing great or skating slow.

What I do know is how much more fun watching sport is for me because of social media. I guess it’s because of the social. Why do people go to games at the stadium? It’s because of the energy. The fans. The music. The beer. The experience. It’s 20,000 fans in team jerseys. Getting rowdy and cheering on their respective teams.

I’ve always liked hockey. Love the pace, the energy, the skill of having to control a tiny puck while skating and wielding a stick (said by a girl who can barely skate;). But, there’s been nothing like watching the Bruins duke it out for the Stanley Cup with all my Boston friends on Twitter and Facebook. Everything from predicting the next goal to predicting Game Four. It’s one thing to watch a sports event on your TV by yourself. It’s another thing to watch it while participating in the commentary with thousands of other people who share your passion for the game.

What’s your opinion – do you see social media making sporting events more fun? Tell me how you make sports social.

And now…back to the game. GO BRUINS!!

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  • I think social stuff distracts me from the game a bit, but it’s fun to talk about what’s happening with other people who care.

  • Greg T. Moss says:

    You’re spot on, Michelle. The physical proximity may be distant–in our case spread across states–but the camaraderie is real. A shared passion, demonstrated across social media channels, has made for quite a fun night.

    In fact, my wife walked into our bedroom where I was watching the game with our son, to say “Okay guys, I’m ready to head to bed…” My response: “We’re not ready to relocate to another TV… I’m having a blast Tweeting hockey chatter with my Boston friends!”

    Thanks for sharing in tonight’s fun, Michelle. Great post!

    • Michelle Heath says:

      Haha, Greg, that is awesome! I am sure your wife loved your response, but I’m sure she understood;) It’s been a ton of fun for me too. Tweet soon!

  • Michelle says:

    I think engaging on social media during anything I’m viewing makes it more interesting. In fact, I find myself getting bored when I find myself watching something w/ out a gadget – I always want to share my experience. good or bad, not sure. 🙂

    • Michelle Heath says:

      Thanks Michelle – I totally agree! Makes things way more interesting. Always fun to share experiences and get other perspectives.

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