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Is Your Go-to-Market Strategy a Flywheel or a Hamster Wheel?

Is your go-to-market strategy a hamster wheel or a flywheel?

The A Team finds that our clients are working with a hamster wheel time after time. Things start out great – we meet with prospective clients who are smart people with a solid product and detailed vertical strategy. More often than not, they’ve gone the extra mile: doing things like hiring a UI/UX firm to lead their website redesign, maintaining a presence on social media, and making sure they have capital to invest and scale. They want to do the right things.

But when we ask questions like “Do you have a brand strategy?” and “Do you have a messaging ladder?” the answer is “No” more often than not.

The Hamster Wheel

Without these foundational components, your go-to-market strategy will start to make you feel like you’re running on a hamster wheel — exerting yourself 24/7 without actually getting anywhere! You’ll find yourself wasting time, resources, and especially money. The hamster wheel is expensive — it’s like throwing spaghetti against the wall to see what sticks. It’s churn and inefficiency. 

The Flywheel

The good news? There is another way — the flywheel. The flywheel is brand-led. It ensures that you’re leading with what you and your brand stand for. It communicates your value, channels the customer mindset, and solves the customer’s problem. Doing those things over and over creates both efficiency and effectiveness. With that in your wheelhouse, you’ll be equipped with the tailwind for go-to-market success.

The Bottom Line

Your business is your brand and your brand is your business. When you lead with brand, you lead with value — saving you countless hours of frustration and dollars of resources all while winning customers for life. 

Giddy up!

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