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Leading with Brand: Why Words Matter

Words matter.

Don’t tune us out just yet! We know it sounds simple, but it’s true. Everything you say about your brand matters, everywhere — online, in your copy, in you advertising, and in your communications.

Each word you use to position your brand must be purposeful. If it doesn’t carry meaning, it’s extra. Cut it out.

You must be vigilant about:

  1.  Remembering your customer persona
  2. Escaping in the echo chamber
  3. Avoiding industry speak + acronyms
  4. Leading with the why (NOT the what or the how)
  5. Cutting out extra words and streamlining

Keep these 5 tips in mind and you’ll be golden. Honing your writings skills didn’t stop being useful in high school or college. It’s essential for you as a business owner to effectively communicate meaning to your customers and make sure that they know exactly what you’re talking about.

Even my 8th grade son knows this! In response to a question about family, about family, he wrote: “You must have to be a great writer to run your own business and my mom is teaching me so I can run my own business someday.” Proud mom moment!

It’s common sense — but it can be easy to forget amidst the allure of industry buzzwords and quick fixes. For brands to connect with customers, we must be great translators that can put words together and create meaning.

Giddy up!

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