Brand Strategy

The Opportunity Cost of Waiting to Build Your Brand

A few weeks ago, a client came to the A Team with a laundry list of problems. Their lead volume was low, their referrals had dried up, and their customer pipeline was weak. Bet you can guess what our first question was! Of course, we asked the client to tell us what types of activities they were working on NOW to build their brand.

The client’s response? CRICKETS. They had been waiting for the right opportunity to begin building their brand.

A Few Words About TIME …

Waiting to build your brand is a trap. Don’t fall for it. If you wait until you’ve exhausted every possible way to generate leads and deals, you’ve missed the entire point of brand.

Most of our clients don’t realize that brand building is the key to business traction. It is the manifestation of your business, products and services in the market and is what creates a connection with your customers. Brand takes TIME to build. For the 99% of businesses that are not unicorns (aka everyone), defining your brand strategy on Day 1 greases the skids for all of your marketing activities and makes them more efficient and effective.

The Bottom Line

It’s never too late to start building your brand. Whether you’re newly funded, trying to get to the next level of growth, or jumpstarting a 50 year old business – JUST START. Brands create connections, connections create customers, customers create traction, traction creates revenue. Leading with brand is ALWAYS the best way to go.


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