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Buyer Trust: How to Win It and Why It Matters

Let’s talk about buyer trust.

Pop quiz: Would a customer buy something from your business if they don’t trust your business? Would you buy something from someone you don’t trust? You and I both know the answer — a definite no!

It doesn’t take a lifetime of wisdom and expertise to figure this out. Yet we see businesses skip this core part of brand building over and over again. And at the end of the day, they still wonder why prospects don’t engage or buy!

Is your brand putting in the hard work to create buyer trust? Think about these 5 steps next time you’re tempted to take shortcuts.


Listen to your customer – it’s the key to going deep on customer mindset. Identify where your brand can be valuable in answering questions, solving problems, bringing joy, and having empathy.


Now that you’ve found the customer’s mindset, stay there and write. Speak in their words, not your words (these words/phrases surface during the “Listen” step).


Build connections with your customers. You can do this by sharing valuable content – not just selling to them! – and truly focusing messaging on your audience. Make sure to use their words and to place yourself where they want to engage.


Show – don’t tell – your customers that you are THE BEST at solving their problem through tools like case studies and thought leadership. In doing so, you’ll remove friction from the buying process.

5. EARN.

Business is not won. It is earned. Someone – a human – will decide to give you their money in return for your product or service. And in the end, it’ll all be because they trust you.

How do you build buyer trust through your brand? What brands do a great job of building trust?

Giddy up!

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