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When you’re building your brand early-on, the best way to gain traction fast is to

Narrow your target audience.

Go small to go big.

Lots of investors and founders fear the niche – “It’s too small!” “We need a bigger total addressable market!”

They are wrong.

Knowing the micro-audience that needs your product and wants it badly AND knowing where you can win those customers through your UVP = solid gold.

Appealing too broadly to serve everyone is a great way to waste time and money.

Find the bullseye and give them the UVP that will connect and convert.

At Growth Street, our clients come to us because something isn’t working and they typically don’t know the root cause or the solution. 9 times out of 10, when we dig in, we find they have a target audience problem.

Trying to sell and serve too many target audiences is inefficient. You spread your brand, resources, time and budget too thin. Unless you’re a mega brand like Coca Cola and spending tens of millions on brand and marketing, focus your target audience and hit the bullseye.

To do this, you need to identify:

✅Who are the customers that have the most pain/the biggest unmet need?
✅Who are the customers you serve best (vs. your competitors)?
✅What do these customers need to see, hear and experience to choose you?

Don’t be afraid to prioritize one audience over another. There’s a reason it’s called a ‘target’ audience! Going small helps you grow a stronghold of customers who need your brand AND who you can connect with most effectively and efficiently…then you can go big!

Giddy up!

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  • Suraj Rao says:

    Hey Michelle! I really loved the way you have used short sentences in this blog article.

    I was reminded of “Assumed Constraints”, a chapter in Joe Sugarman’s Ad Week. You know sometimes what we assume might hold us back from growing. (‘Giddying Up’ – swiping your phrase hehe). My favourite bit from that chapter, “When trying to solve problems, don’t assume the constraints that aren’t really there” – Joe Sugarman from The AdWeek Copywriting Handbook

    I feel the beauty of the human mind is in finding a way to leverage each situation – even a problematic one.

    I was also reminded of the time when I ran two ads on Facebook, just going with the auto recommendation. Your article so wonderfully states that finding the right target audience is much more than that!

    If suppose we apply the Pareto principle to this, we can say that finding the right target audience is the top 20% of the task that gets the 80% of the job done.

    – Suraj

    • Michelle Heath says:

      Thanks, Suraj! I now write blog posts in “LinkedIn style!” I find the shorter sentences are easier to scan and read. Glad that you find it helpful!

      Your words are so impactful, Suraj. I soak them in! “I feel the beauty of the human mind is in finding a way to leverage each situation – even a problematic one.” There are always answers – I have realized my super-power is quickly figuring out the problem, so we can find the best answers together. Getting unstuck is easy when you have the right thinking partner!

      And, the 80/20 rule is everything! 20% of your customers typically generate 80% of the revenue. So, why not double down on that bullseye?? Giddy up!

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