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Pushing Yourself Off the Content Cliff

Have you pushed yourself off the content cliff lately?

At Growth Street, some of our best insights are fueled by our conversations with clients and colleagues. During a recent go-to-market session with one of our clients, as we were thinking about personas and brand strategy, we got talking about writing great content.

The Content Cliff

It can feel incredibly daunting when you’re just starting to create content for a brand, campaign, or even a blog like this one. But the good news is that creating content requires doing just one small thing…

And that’s pushing yourself off the cliff!

No amount of preparation, deliberation, and hesitation will move the needle. You need to start. Just SAY SOMETHING!

Writing can feel like you’re driving off the cliff — when you don’t know where you’re going, it can be scary. But at the same time, it can also be an adrenaline rush as you make connections, start conversations, and engage.

You never know what will strike a chord.

The Bottom Line

Have you ever had a boss who constantly demanded you to produce “content that would go viral?” If we had a dollar for every time that happened to us before joining the A Team…

But it’s not about going viral. It’s not about perfectly written prose.

It’s about connecting with people. Share what you know, feel and observe. Be authentic, real, and true to your brand.

P.S: Don’t stress if your content doesn’t go viral, because content is the long game!


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