How much of your content should you give away? 

My answer: ALL OF IT!


Times Are Changing

I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately, because the days of giant whitepapers and ebooks are over. The days of having all your content behind a gate and waiting for someone to download something are over. The days of harboring all the answers and making someone talk to you (and only you) to get that information are over. And the days of consumers giving you lots of information to get that information you’re holding onto are over, too. 

Making it easy for your clients and prospects to get the information that they need is, to me,  what this whole thing is all about. They need to really see you as a trusted advisor, as a thought leader, and as someone who’s really going to share information with them.

Putting things behind lots of forms, asking people to give emails, creating scarcity — I feel like that’s the wrong strategy when it comes to content.


Your New Content Strategy

 When it comes to content, I want you to help your prospects learn from you, help them to see you as the answer, and help them see you as the way to solve their problem. 

The only way that they can see that is if you show them, and you tell them! You’ve got to create a relationship with your prospects where you’re going to give them the answers, and you’re going to help show them new ways of doing things, and you’re going to provide new insight. 


The Bottom Line

So, instead of harboring all this content and being worried that you’re going to give away all the answers, just give them away. See what happens. See how you start to be seen differently by your market, and see how it changes people’s desire to connect with you, communicate with you, and build relationships with you. 

If nothing else, remember this:

✅ SHOW them
✅ TELL them
✅ make it EFFORTLESS


Give it all away!


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