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Is Your Brand Curious?

Is your brand curious? 

The reason I ask this is because there’s an element of curiosity that needs to be baked into your brand in order for you to truly be brand-led. 

What do I mean by this? 

Think about the way that you’re listening to your current customers, listening to your prospective customers, listening to the market and what’s happening around you. Think about how you’re asking questions, turning over the rocks, looking ahead or around the corner. 

Does this come naturally for you and your brand? 

For many, it doesn’t. 

A lot of our clients don’t know how to do this. They’re used to doing all the talking. But when you start listening, that’s when you start to become curious. 

And curiosity, in my opinion, does not kill the cat. Curiosity is where really, really interesting things start to happen. 


Making Magic Happen 

A great example of this happens when we at Growth Street do in-depth customer interviews as part of our brand strategy engagements. We start turning over all the rocks with your prospects, with your customers, and oftentimes with past customers who haven’t renewed. There’s magic that happens there when we ask really provocative questions about why, or what your brand means to your customer in your customer’s own words


The Bottom Line

So, is your brand curious? If it’s not, ask questions, listen more than you talk, and watch the magic happen. Then, don’t just sit on that information! Take what you learned and place that right back into your value proposition and your messaging. Use it as fuel to drive the next marketing activities in your go-to-market strategy. 

Put the magic to work — that’s where the gold is.

Giddy Up!


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