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UVP Step #2: Customer Mindset


By now, you’ve seen our last two posts on the 3 steps to defining your UVP and figuring out your razor blade moment. You found your one thing that your brand is really great at and that is the key differentiator. But now what? 

What we see with our clients is often a mad rush to put words on a piece of paper. Everyone’s excited and they immediately want to figure out, “how do we say it?!” Before you start writing, you need to do some work in the customer’s mindset.



Before you start writing, what I want you to do is to think about the use cases you solve for your customer. This requires really going in-depth on the customer mindset. Don’t skip this part — we love it, because there’s so many great insights there! Oftentimes, brands gloss over customer mindset, because they assume that they know the customer. But unless you really, really know:

  • What is the customer’s motivations?
  • What are their frustrations?
  • What is their day-to day?
  • What is their pain and how does your “razor blade” solve this burning problem for them? 
  • What opportunities or efficiencies does your brand create for them?

. . . then you don’t really, really know your customer.


How do you get this info?

  • Listen in on sales calls
  • Read chatbot conversations
  • Gather objections and front-line info from the sales team
  • Talk to a handful of customers
  • Conduct a persona building session (or if you have personas, a mindset brainstorm)



Once you’ve really listened, learned and channeled the customer, I want you to write that use case down – it could be more than one btw. Start with their problem, for example a use case from a session we recently conducted with a client: “I can’t zero in on fraudulent claims to pursue them faster and with more accuracy.” Once you have the problem, you can start to think about the pain the customer has today because of the problem – what are the words they would use to describe it? What can your product or service do to help them do it better or differently? What are the benefits to them? How would they describe it in THEIR WORDS.

Write down the words with the use case(s) and let me know how it goes. In the meantime, I’ll get to work on telling you how to put all these things together and into words. Up next!

Giddy up!


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