You know me and you know that I have opinions. On a lot of things. In the words of the ever so sexy, wise and fashionable, Sofia Vergara, “Listen to me! I have all the answers!” Can’t say I don’t agree:)

I was looking at the upcoming local events at Rue La La and I had some ideas.

Rue La La

Join me on Rue!

First off, I must start by saying that Rue La La, or “Rue” as I call it among friends, is my favorite private sale site. Hands down. I love the exclusive feeling of “members only”, rewards for inviting friends and amazing brands, the fantastic copywriting (I am a sucker for great writing style). As I looked at the site today today and had my big idea for Rue La La, I went to my blog and started writing. I tried to find the Rue blog so I could link to it from my blog. I searched all over the Rue site – seriously all over – and didn’t see the word “Blog.” Call me a simple girl, but I call ’em like I see ’em. So, I started clicking on links and found “About Rue La La” is the blog. Huh. Not really what I expected. I expected the “About” page to tell me, well, about the company from a business perspective: Mission statement (which they have, well done), Team page (lots of ideas here on how to expose the super-talented team members who make it all happen), Investors (where da cash at), Press (who’s been talking them up), News (what’s happening in the industry). Now that’s an About page. Instead, the About was more like the “Account” page. <end rant> But, the good news is that they have a blog – a great blog – and it is so much of the “About” so I see why they made it the About.

So, I guess there’s are two ideas.

Second idea happened as I was watching last night’s Bruins game and they won in OT. Nice! And was thinking that it would be really cool if Rue had more local sporting events. I used to work for a Kraft Group company and was thinking about maybe a luxe offering – two tickets club-level to a Pat’s game, Sox, Celts, B’s. I know Rue has a local sports offering but when I looked up the upcoming events, there was only one sports event – World Series tixs. Hm, and Boston is out of the running! I would totally be in for a special sports events package. I also think about how Rue can attract more men to the site and believe that women would buy packages like that as gifts for the men in their lives for bday gifts, holidays and a special night out. Maybe even add in sports charity events – I love stuff that’s a great cause and something I love.

Catwalk For A Cure

The amazing Marybeth Fratus, survivor and model – pretty in pink.

And then I was thinking about my Catwalk for a Cure event last week. And I was thinking about the photos I took from the end of the runway (so honored) and about the strong survivors who came out and showed their spirit. And the amazing designers who shared their passion and joy and created passion and joy. My friends were there to support me, to support the local Boston fashion scene and theĀ  survivors who brought their pride, passion and strength and lit-up the runway. And I thought, next year, I need to talk to Rue La La about participating in the event. It’s a perfect match – two creative companies with aligned passions – fantastic experiences and amazing fashion. Rue, we’d love to have you help us next year!

So, I guess that’s three ideas and it’s only noon on Sunday:) See what happens when I have charisma to spare?

What say you, Rue?

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  • Veronica Vandoloski says:

    Hi Michelle,

    I’m the Digital PR Manager for Rue La La – thank you so much for your feedback and suggestions. I’m so glad to hear how much you love shopping on Rue! We do in fact, have a blog called The (Style) Guide. You can check it out here: I have let our user experience team know that you had a hard time finding it on our site. Also, I sent a note to the Rue Local team with your feedback on featuring more Boston sports offerings. Take care!

    • Michelle Heath says:

      Hi Veronica and thanks so much for responding. It’s nice to hear from you and look forward to lots more great stuff from Rue La La. There is a reason the Rue is one of my favorite brands and you are helping make that an ongoing reality:) I hope you don’t mind, but I will continue to share my ideas…girl can’t help it!

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