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Are Your Buyer Personas 3D?

Are your buyer personas 3D?

At Growth Street, we’re passionate about living in the customer mindset every day. We’re always excited to see our clients and friends taking this advice to heart and living in the mindset — or at least understanding why it’s so important. It’s the start to getting the Giddy Up!

Avoiding the “Vanity Persona”

But did you know that not all customer personas are created equal?

Enter the “vanity persona.” This is a persona that only scratches the surface of customer mindset — dealing with age, gender, location, market concentration, and the like. This type of persona might be able to tell you what kind of car your customer drives, but it can’t really tell you anything about how they make decisions.

Anthropology and Brand

Our founder Michelle received a great comment from professional Eden Bidani on her LinkedIn post that deals with digging deeper than vanity personas. She said:

“This is exactly what anthropologists do (only they call it ethnography). They talk as much as they can to people to see *beyond* the generalizations and 2D buyer personas. To understand not just what they like or don’t like but WHY. How they are wired and why they act/react in certain ways.”

We think this is absolutely fascinating — and important — stuff. The power of personas is real. It is measurable. It will get you on the map with your buyers.

Luckily, we can help. If you’d like to see Growth Street’s persona template for our  Voice of the Customer research, we’re happy to share it with you. Or, if you’d like help getting into the customer mindset, book an Office Hours with our founder Michelle Heath by clicking this link.

How are putting the Power of Personas to work for your brand? We’re excited to see where this powerful tool takes you!

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