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How Your North Star Vision is Decision-Making Power

We have a saying at Growth Street : “It’s either a HELL YES or a hell no.”

Sounds like a no brainer – but saying “no” to the fluff in order to find your North Star Vision is easier said than done. If you’re go-getters like us, learning how to say no might be a work in progress. We get excited about lots of different things, which can lead to too many distractions.

Hell Yes…

In 2021, we’ve been staying laser focused on our NORTH STAR vision: Opening the minds of business leaders to the power of brand.

Why this vision? Growth Street professionals speak to dozens of business leaders every week. At least 70% of those professionals do NOT understand the power of brand. They think of brand as fluff or logos or ad campaigns, believe brand is throw away money that has no ROI, and just want the “quick fix” of the unicorn GTM tactics that will deliver traction. As our founder Michelle Heath’s 100-yr old grandmother always says: “You don’t know what you don’t know.”

For the past eight years, we have been helping businesses grow through brand – what we call being BRAND-LED. The business leaders that open their minds to this new way to grow are a HELL YES. It’s a little scary and way out of their comfort zones, but it always leads us to a breakthrough.

… and Hell No

While saying “hell yes” to the power of brand and staying focused on our passion and mission, we’re saying HELL NO to the things that take us away from our vision. This way, there’s nothing holding us back from building brand-led businesses.

Giddy up!

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