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Is Brand Loyalty Dead?

Is brand loyalty dead? Some might say yes – but we disagree.

Why? Because brands that cultivate trust with their customers are rewarded with loyalty a hundred times over.

What Creates Trust?

To answer that question, think about the brands you interact with. Who do you trust – and who do you not trust? Why do you trust your favorite brands – and what does that trust look like? How do these brands build that incredibly powerful connection?

We’re not talking about surface level preferences – this is more about a deep emotional connection, where you know the brand will always deliver for you. The brand really gets you and has earned your trust. They understand what you need, stay in-tune or a step ahead, and make it easy along the entire journey. Their experience creates a relationship and they go above and beyond…for YOU.

When we at Growth Street start a new engagement with our clients, we talk about brands we trust and why. It doesn’t matter if you’re B2B or B2C or B2B2C – there is always going to be a human interacting with your brand. That person gets up in the morning, has a routine, interacts with lots of other brands, and form opinions and expectations based on those interactions. There’s always an opportunity to take advantage of brand loyalty.

The Bottom Line

People say brand loyalty is dead. We disagree. We see too many brands just phoning it in, which is where the brands that are raising the bar stand out. Putting in the hard work to cultivate a relationship with your customers will reward you with their loyalty – time after time.

What do you think? What brands do you trust? How do brands build trust in your mind and heart?

Giddy up!

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