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Think about the trajectory of your business and the state of your brand. There are probably a lot possibilities for improvement and change that come to mind — but what’s the one thing you need to do right now?

Hint: it starts with A and rhymes with assignment.

That’s right — it’s time to work on your company’s alignment!

The Alignment Trap

Why is alignment so important? Many of our clients struggle with what we like to call “The Alignment Trap.” This happens when your brand strategy is not aligned with your business strategy. And when your brand strategy is not aligned with your business strategy, you’re missing out on the tailwind for success. Without the tailwind, making traction to meet your goals becomes all the more difficult.

The Bottom Line

When your marketing isn’t working, your business is not meeting its goals, and you’re clawing your way to trying to make traction, it’s time to check your alignment.

Your business is your brand and your brand is your business. If you’re looking at it any other way, it’s time to reevaluate.

Still have questions? Go ahead and watch this quick one minute video that our founder Michelle Heath put together with NYC Fintech Women. She discusses an Alignment Trap that held a client of ours back and how we were able to close the gap to help them be Brand-Led.

How do is your brand aligned to support your business? What alignment traps have you seen in your travels? Do you think of your business as your brand?

Giddy Up!

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