Alltop – all but useful

I’ve been trying to give Alltop a chance. It has content. I like content. It’s all in one place. I like convenience. It’s a Guy Kawasaki venture. I like Guy.

But I’ve gotta say. I’m just not a fan. I’ve been trying to figure out the point of this seemingly dumbed-down headline aggregator launched in March. I keep hoping maybe I’ll be surprised with some great gem or some great nugget of information. But I keep coming back disappointed and, quite frankly, feeling a bit appeased.

AlltopLet me explain. If you haven’t used Alltop, you start by clicking on a category that interests you. You can search for something, click the actual word, or click on the letter. Easy, peasy. Let’s say you want to stay on top of the latest headlines on the topic of “Frugality.” Well, I found a great article with Tips for Stretching Meat (sounds painful) or Removing Tar from Brick (a must-read). If those weren’t enough to satisfy my hunger for content, I tried…you guessed it…bacon. Who doesn’t love bacon? But do I really need to see the Religious Side of Bacon (in bacon we trust) or try out Bacon Ice Cream (um, that’s just gross)?

So, I tried to think about why we need Alltop. Guy Kawasaki is a pretty smart guy so there must be some reason to keep up on the latest bacon news, sappy quotations, quilting tips or even acne articles. Then I realized it must be less about what it contains and more about who is using it. For those of us who have multiple RRS readers, Twitter, Facebook, FriendFeed and a bunch of other ways to gather headlines, news and the latest goings-on, Alltop seems pretty jay-vee. But, maybe if you’re the type of person who wants to go to one place to search and find the latest benign topics, Alltop could be a useful tool. I said Maybe.

I give it two-thumbs down. Sorry, Guy.

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