Microblogging is the New Black

It’s hard to keep up. First brown was the new black, then eggplant, then came Facebook and now microblogging. You’re in right? Do you know what the hell microblogging is? Okay, let’s start by answering a few simple questions: Are you on Twitter? Yammer? Pownce (no, not the cat food)? Do you religiously update your status on Facebook? Do you know how to fit your most clever thoughts into 140 characters or less? If you answered yes to one or more of these questions then you are a microblogger. Cool! If you answered, no, where have you been hiding? Go get yourself a Twitter account and check it out. I will tell you that when I first started tweeting last fall, I was completely intimidated. I thought, who the heck cares what I’m having for lunch? The amazing thing is that people do. Well, maybe care is a strong word, but people love to learn about other people. Whether you’re in the mix tweeting up a storm, or watching from the sidelines, microblogging, as it’s called, is where it’s at.

Today, I read the Business Week post on my friends over at Blip.fm. I worked with Jeff and his team while I was at matchmine (RIP). The guys at Blip are really on to something. They started with Fuzz.com – a site that connects artists with fans and has a whole bunch of cool indie music. As the Twitter started to gain momentum, they decided to integrate music with tweeting and, viola, Blip.fm was born. You can think of it almost as a twitter for music, which is brilliant because I can share music with my friends on Twitter and meet other people (they call them DJs) who share my taste in music.

The microblogging space will continue to get more interesting as companies begin adding unique features (like music, photos, video) to the standard short message. They say full-featured microblogging will be the next big thing. What do you think?

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