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Why You Can’t Change Your Customers’ DNA

Can you turn a dog into a cat? Sounds like a silly question, we know. But we do have a point here: trying to change peoples’ fundamental DNA doesn’t work.

Many thanks to one of our amazing clients for spurring this conversation. We are so lucky to have such incredible clients that keep us thinking, growing, and pushing to be better every day!

Skip the Soapbox, Save Your Sanity

Too many businesses spend time trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. Trying to change a customer’s mind and convince them is a losing game. Instead of trying to change a customer’s mind, find the people who know that they have the problem, and who truly want to fix it. Nine times out of ten, trying to convince someone that they have a problem is a waste of your time and money.

We’re definitely guilty of making this mistake, too. Not too long ago, we sold a brand strategy engagement to someone who didn’t really want it. This potential client didn’t understand the power of brand and just wanted a website. Still, we convinced her that she needed it — or so we thought.

The engagement turned out to be a disaster. We hit roadblock after roadblock week after week. Finally, we ate our pride along with the remaining balance of the work and fired them. Never again.

The Bottom Line

The point of your brand is to be a sieve, not a net. Don’t waste time trying to pull everyone in or attempting to change a potential client’s DNA. Not everyone will want you — that’s the point!

Double-down on connecting your brand to the people who know they have a problem and need a solution — your solution. That’s how you win with brand.


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