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You know your business’ unique value proposition, its target market, and its brand identity. But what is your business’ superpower?

You might give people the power to lose weight and transform their self-image, for example.

Maybe you enable people to solve big security problems and keep their enterprise data safe, or create opportunities for people to make their passion reality.

You might even empower people to grow their businesses by leading with brand, like we do here at Growth Street!

But the big swing and miss businesses make over and over in their go-to-market is selling instead of serving. To reach the go-to-market tailwind, you must shift from push to pull.

When you’re selling, you’re pushing – you’re trying to convince someone to buy something.

When you’re serving, you let your prospect pull. You don’t need to push. You grease the skids with the right messaging and content because you know your audience SO well.

People relate to people. People connect with people. And people build relationships with people. People buy from people.

When you shift your sales practices from push to pull, you shift to selling people, not product.

You make the customer the hero.

Your brand becomes a conduit to making the connection with the customer.

Serving, not selling.

The Bottom Line

Know your customer – do the hard work to unlock their mindset and know what they need to see, hear, feel and experience.  Tell them you understand them. Give them valuable advice and information. Create trust together. Help them WIN.


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