Is Netflix canceled?

Netflix has a growth problem.

Like lots of growth problems, it snuck up on them.
It’s bigger than they admitted it was.

Instead of getting ahead of it, the problem is now deep-rooted and could take them down.
This growth problem isn’t about people sharing accounts.

Netflix ate Blockbuster’s lunch.

They were the only game in town.
Now, there’s a new streaming service launching every day.
And Netflix is standing still.

Are there new releases on Netflix?
Do they offer sports?
Is there a gaming offering?
Is there anything new & innovative that makes them original?
Are they winning the hearts and minds of GenZ?

Growth Street’s founder, Michelle Heath, has been a Netflix customer since 1999.
The problem is that Netflix still treats her like a 1999 customer.

They are still trying to compete like it’s 1999, when the customer has changed.

Our growth advice for Netflix:

Target audience: Engage your millions of subscribers in growing with you, know your new audience and laser focus on what they want.
Pricing: Missed opportunity with recent price increase to go higher – customers would have paid more.
Brand: Use brand as the ultimate competitive differentiator – it’s crowded and noisy, they need to stand out.
Programming: Give us movies beyond year 2000 classics (everyone loves Stepbrothers but, come on!)
Products: Innovate to meet the new demands of the GenZ customer and earn their buying power.
Ads: Seems like the only way to stuff the coffers – offer an ad-free option and price it as high as customers will pay.

Pop some popcorn.
This show is going to be rated M for mature.

Is Netflix canceled?
You tell us.

GIDDY UP! ????????

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